Susan_John - Queenstown Trail
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A big Aussie G’day from Susan and John Gan at Thrifty after 50 (formerly called Snap Travel Blog).

We provide tips on low-cost travel for over 50’s so you can travel more for less!

Our two beautiful daughters have moved out and now have independent lives of their own.

We downsized the family home, along with its hedges and palm trees, and moved to an inner city apartment. During the move, we got rid of clutter and simplified our life. With all our free time we now focus on friends, family, our health, hobbies and travel.


We both enjoy hiking, cycling and going to the gym. John also enjoys running, orienteering and playing golf. Susan’s passion is photography and is keen to keep improving her skills.

You won’t find us sunbathing beside the pool. We’re more likely to be exploring museums and historical sites or hiking through a rainforest. Together we enjoy healthy active holidays and treasure our new found freedom.

Why Blogging?

Susan has always enjoyed documenting the family travels; by scrapbooking, designing photo books or even writing reviews for Trip Advisor. As a qualified librarian Susan also enjoys putting her research skills to use when planning their holiday itinerary. She finds that researching the destinations is almost as enjoyable as the holiday itself.

John, the engineer and financial guru, is instrumental in budgeting to ensure holiday plans come to fruition.

Blogging is the perfect outlet for our skills and allows us to provide you with tips on how to save money so you can spend more time traveling.

Susan and John at the top of Montana Machu Picchu
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What are your travel goals? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.