Are you heading over to Tassie for a holiday and plan to visit farms to pick your own fruit? Fruit picking in Tasmania is something that you really should experience at least once in your life!

There really is no comparison between store bought fruit and fruit that has been just been freshly picked off the tree or vine. One piece of fruit has been sitting in storage for months and the other is still warm from the morning sun.

Imagine standing there in the middle of an orchard, you reach your hand out to pick your own apricots and then take a bite.

The first thing you notice is the burst of flavour and then the trickle of fruit juice as it dribbles down your chin.


Trust me, being able to pick your own fruit is something that you will not forget!

Fruit Picking in Tasmania


A holiday in Tasmania would not be complete for us without spending some quality time at the local fruit picking farms and orchards.

As stone fruit fanatics, Christmas in Australia is our favourite time of the year. The fridge is always full of peaches, apricots, plums and Tasmanian cherries…..yum!

Being able to go direct to the fruit farms in Tasmania to pick your own cherries or pick your own apricots is every fruit lovers dream!


Pick your own berries Tasmania
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Tasmania Fruit Farms


If you are looking for farms to pick your own fruit then the Farm Gate Guide is the best place to start.

The Farm Gate Guide is an annual guide that is put together by Fruit Growers Tasmania Inc. The guide outlines the various regions for fruit picking in Tasmania as well as the produce available in each region and when it is available for picking.

Download the Farm Gate Guide

Download the iPhone App


Fruit Picking Season Tasmania


The table below shows the fruit picking season in Tasmania and the best time to:

  • pick your own Apples
  • pick your own Apricots
  • pick your own Blackberries
  • pick your own Blueberries
  • pick your own Cherries
  • pick your own Feijoas
  • pick your own nectarines
  • pick your own Peaches
  • pick your own Pears
  • pick your own Plums
  • pick your own Raspberries
  • pick your own Strawberries
A list of fruits and their picking times for the Tasmanian Fruit Season.
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Tasmania’s seasonal fruit guide – Fruit Growers Tasmania

Whether you want to pick your own strawberries, pick your own cherries or pick your own apples. This handy guide shows the best time to go fruit picking in Tasmania.

My favourite month of the Tasmania fruit picking season is January; as well as Tasmanian cherries you can also pick apricots, blackberries, blueberries, nectarines, peaches, plums, raspberries and strawberries.


What Is a Feijoa?

A feijoa looks similar to a guava and is aptly named the ‘pineapple guava’. The taste of a feijoa is a combination of pineapple, guava, and strawberry and it has a texture similar to a pear

Feijoa have considerable health benefit including antioxidant-rich vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

The Tasmanian feijoa season is May, June, July.


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Fruit picking near Hobart


If you are staying in Hobart for a few days you can do fruit picking day trips to the:

  • South East region
  • Derwent Valley
  • Huon Valley


Fruit Picking Tips

What to pack for a Fruit Picking Road Trip


If you are going on a road trip around Tasmania and plan to do some fruit picking there are a few items that you should plan to bring along:

  • picnic cooler bag and ice brick to stop the fruit bruising after picked
  • moist towelettes / hand wipes – picking cherries and berries can be messy!
  • hat and sunburn cream
  • bottle of water

How to remove berry stains from your hands


A handy trick to help you to remove berry stains from your hands after fruit picking is to rub them with lemon. You then wash off the lemon with soap and water.

Not only will it get rid of the berry stains but your hands will smell all lemony fresh!

Best time of the year to pick fruit in Tasmania


December, January and February is Tasmanian Cherry Season!

Without a doubt, this is the best time of the year to visit for fruit picking in Tasmania 🙂


Pick your own apples Tasmania
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Where to buy freshly picked fruit


If you don’t want to pick your own fruit but still want to experience the taste of fresh produce straight from the tree or vine then look in the Farm Gate Guide for either ‘Shed door sales‘ or ‘Road side stall.


Fruit Sales
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Fruit Picking Jobs Tasmania


If you are backpacking and are looking for some casual fruit picking jobs in Tasmania then there are several websites that will assist you:


Alternately, look in the Farm Gate Guide for advertisements that do not display the ‘No seasonal worker enquiries’ icon.

The Farm Gate Guide isn’t a complete list for fruit picking in Tasmania but it will give you a good starting point for your Tasmanian fruit picking holiday.


Read the 20 Must Do Activities in Tasmania.

Save it for later: ‘Fruit Picking in Tasmania: How to pick fruit on your Tasmanian Road Trip!


Fruit picking in Tasmania
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Do you enjoy picking your own fruit? What is your favourite fruit and where did you go to pick it?