Are you on the hunt for a beautiful beach?

Then look no further!

Australia is known worldwide for our beautiful white sandy beaches and with over 10,000 beaches to choose from, the task may seem pretty daunting. However it’s not as difficult as you might think.

As any Queenslander will tell you (because we aren’t remotely biased), you’ll find the best beaches in the world are in Queensland Australia!

Here are a few beautiful beaches to help you get started on your search for the best beaches in Queensland and Australia. Add them to your QLD Bucket List.


Coolangatta, Gold Coast

Coolangatta is right at the southern end of Queensland’s Gold Coast and is often overlooked for the busier Surfer’s Paradise area.

Coolangatta may be a little quieter, but it still has everything a beach-lover could want, from long white stretches of sand and crashing waves, to a casual, laid back esplanade. For places to stay (and that look great on Instagram), the quirky, retro Pink Hotel is as fun as it sounds.

Speaking of photo-worthy spots, the beautiful Snapper Rocks is utterly gorgeous and even the local-filled Coolangatta Surf Club yields up some amazing views of the beach and lifeguard towers.

If you’re a surfing fan, Coolangatta is also famous for having some of the best surf in the Gold Coast. If you’re not a surfer, then take in the action from the perfectly positioned Rainbow Bay Surf Club with a local beer in hand instead.

Coolangatta is super close to Gold Coast’s airport, so you don’t have far to travel to fly in and out. I’d recommend hiring a car so that you can base yourself in Coolangatta, but be able to travel up and down the amazing Gold Coast as you please.

Emma | Emma Jane Explores


Burleigh Beach, Gold Coast

Sh! Don’t tell anyone but no other beach on the Gold Coast, and possibly in Queensland, compares to Burleigh Beach! In our job as relief hotel and motel managers, we have spent two or three weeks each year managing a block of apartments high up on the hill, overlooking Burleigh Beach. We are always sad to leave. Why?

Burleigh Beach has it all. This is a beautiful, patrolled surf beach ideal for both families and surfers, with squeaky white sand, about two kilometers long. Just the right size for a daily walk, bike ride, or skateboard along the wide treelined walkway running along the beachfront. It is frequented mainly by locals and is a popular spot for fitness fanatics. Along the beachfront area, there are free Tai Chi and exercise classes run by the council. There’s also plenty of clean toilets and shower areas, exercise machines, and barbeque areas are dotted along the way.

At the southern end of the beach is Burleigh Heads National Park that will take you round to Tally Creek with great coastal views on the way. And at the northern end, is the small headland continuing on the beachfront path over to Miami and up to Nobby and Mermaid Beaches and then on to Broadbeach if you’re feeling really fit. Just keep walking and when you’ve had enough get the bus back.

There are surf clubs at both ends of the beach, and sitting out on the deck overlooking the sea with your coffee and a good breakfast (we can highly recommend ‘the haloumi stack’ at Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Club) is highly recommended as a great way to start the day.

An ongoing tradition over the last couple of decades is the Sunday night fire twirlers, dancers and bongo drummers under the trees at Justins Park. This is a popular event with families and groups out on a Sunday evening enjoying a picnic or barbeque dinner and watching the twirlers. The council did try to shut it down early in 2019, but the locals were outraged.

There is a good range of cafes and restaurants and James Street is well known for its unique boutiques and specialty shops. We just can’t wait to get back there again!

Maureen Spencer | So Many Places! So Little Time!


Noosa National Park

I love a stunning beach and in Queensland, Australia we certainly aren’t short of them, but my all-time favourite best beaches in Queensland can be found in the Noosa National Park.

With the back drop of the lush Noosa National Park and the calm crystal clear water, these beaches are without a doubt some of the most stunning in Australia.  These beaches are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, or stand up paddle boarding.  When the tide is out the waves pick up just enough for some gentle boogie boarding too. There are just so many things to do in Noosa!

My favourite beach is probably Little Cove, but highly recommend walking a little further to one of the further beaches along and you may well have the entire beach to yourself – your own slice of paradise!

The entrance to the Noosa National Park is just a short stroll or drive from the famous tourist strip of Hastings Street.  From here you can easily walk along the Coastal track to beaches such as Little Cove, Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay and Winch Cove.

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Double Island Point

Driving along the beach, with Australia’s longest stretch of coloured-sand cliffs on one side and stunning blue ocean on the other, is a journey like no other. You leave Rainbow Beach at low tide  in your 4WD vehicle for the 20 minute drive to Double Island Point.

Once you’re there it’s time to set up for the day at the beach with your esky, umbrella, fishing rods, beach cricket set and books. This is my happy place! The place where we go to enjoy nature, to unwind, and to be as adventurous (or non-adventurous) as we’d like.

You can hire a 4WD locally if you don’t own one or take learn to surf lessons there on Australia’s longest wave or kayak with the dolphins.

Tip: You must have a Cooloola National Park pass to get there. We avoid it on summer long weekends, Christmas and Easter weeks as it is way too busy to make it enjoyable for us.

Nicci O’Mara | Trip Chiefs


75-mile long beach, Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of Australia’s famous landmarks and the worlds largest sand island. It’s therefore not surprising that it has some of Queensland’s best beaches. One of the most beautiful is 75-mile long beach, which as the name suggests stretches for 75 miles along the coast.

The beach is unique in that it serves as the main highway, a beach and a landing strip for aircraft. There’s plenty to see along this magnificent stretch of sand including the islands resident Dingo population.

One of the most spectacular sites along the beach is the Maheno shipwreck, which washed ashore in 1935. The rusty coloured wreck is a popular tourist attraction as it glistens in the sun and looks beautiful against the golden sand. The bright blue backdrop of the sky and the turquoise water of the ocean frames the scene magnificently.

A few minutes further north you’ll find the pinnacles, which are a collection of multi-coloured cliffs. The iron-rich minerals have stained the sand over thousands of years, and the yellow, brown and red tones create a stunning display.

At the end of the beach is Indian Head, and from the top of the rock formations, you get the most spectacular ocean views. During the Whale watching season in Hervey Bay its a great place to spot these magnificent animals in the water. There’s also a good chance that you’ll see dolphins, turtles and sharks here too.

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Mackay Beaches

If you are driving the east coast of Australia from Brisbane to Cairns one of the towns you will inevitably pass through along the way is Mackay. Do not drive through as many do but stay, book a night or two in one of the many hotels and take some time to get to know this tropical Queensland town.

There are lots of activities and things to do in Mackay but my favourite is to head to the trio of beaches that collectively form the Northern Beaches.

Each beach has its own character – Blacks Beach is the longest with 6 km of golden sands. Bucasia Esplanade and beach have picnic facilities, a park and provide a great destination for families. Eimeo is my favourite and popular with locals and can be found in the wonderfully named Sunset Bay.

Drive from Mackay’s CBD and visit each beach. Stop off at Slade point and look out for whales on their annual migration up and down the coast from May to October.

After a day on the beaches I recommend a drink or two at the wonderful Dolphin Heads resort. Enjoy a sundowner as the sun sets over Eimeo Beach and the Coral Sea.

Tracy | Tracy’s Travels in Time


Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

“If you asked 10 different Australians what their favorite beach is, you’d probably get 10 different answers!

That’s because Australia home to over 10,685 beaches, and they’re all pretty spectacular!  But after living in Sydney for a year, exploring the Great Ocen Read, and exploring the east coast – I know exactly how I would answer that question!

Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays is truly postcard perfection, and I think you’ll have a hard time finding a more idyllic place in the country!  The sand stretches for kilometers, and the sand is incredibly soft and white.  Combine that the pristine blue water that’s the ideal temperature, and it really is one of the most mesmerizing beaches in the world!

The town of Airlie Beach is the jumping off point for the Whitsundays, and is also a Queensland must.  With a great backpacker vibe, delicious restaurants, and an amazing atmosphere – visiting Airlie Beach & the Whitsundays is an experience you’ll never forget!!

Dave Anderson | Jones Around The World


Horseshoe Bay, Bowen

We discovered this picturesque little beach while on a recent road trip up the coast of Queensland from Brisbane to Port Douglas.

After stopping in Bowen to pick up a few supplies for our lunch we decided to follow the signs to Horseshoe Bay in search of a picnic location. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we rounded the corner and discovered this beautiful little bay; well protected by rocks, soft white sand and crystal clear blue water

Horseshoe Bay is popular with both locals and tourists and has a real ‘family’ vibe to it. If you get tired of sun baking or swimming you can always try your hand at snorkeling, fishing or hiking.

This beautiful beach, that is tucked away in such a quiet little corner of the world, is definitely a hidden gem and one of the best beaches in Queensland.

Susan Gan | Australia Bucket List


Florence Bay, Magnetic Island

Florence Bay is one of the unspoilt beaches on Magnetic Island. Only a short boat ride away from Townsville on Queensland’s central coast, Magnetic Island offers 320 days of sunshine a year.

Florence Bay can only be reached by 4WD, foot, or boat.  The walk is hilly and not particularly interesting, so get a ride if you can. Despite not being easy to access, it is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. Most agree it’s the most beautiful beach of the island, if not of Queensland.

With the forest behind and the granite rocks on the side, Florence Bay is a stunning beach. But the beauty doesn’t stop on the beach. Florence Bay is also an excellent spot for snorkelling on Magnetic Island. There are coral bommies on the left and a shark nursery in the middle of the bay.

Whether you’re on land, on a boat or in the water, you can enjoy the beauty of Florence Bay.

Eloise | My Favourite Escapes


Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a small town about 140km south of Cairns in Queensland, Australia. It is mainly known for one (if not the) best spots for skydiving in the country.

The reason Mission Beach is such a popular place for a skydive, are the amazing views you get from above and the fact that the jump comes with a beach landing on one of Queensland’s most beautiful beaches. With its white sand, palm trees and turquoise water, Mission Beach provides the perfect paradise beach setting and with a length of 13km, it is the ideal place for long beach walks. A big plus is that, because of the length of the beach, it is rarely ever crowded. So even if you are not planning to do a skydive, do not miss Mission Beach during your Australia trip.

Stop by for a day or two and enjoy the beautiful beach. And while you are there, definitely go for a burger at The Shrub (trust me, they are amazing!). So go ahead and enjoy Mission Beach, one of Queensland’s most beautiful beaches!

Valerie | Valerie’s Adventure Time


Four-Mile Beach, Port Douglas

On a blustery, grey, miserable day full of wind and driving rain I go to my happy place. My happy place is Four-mile beach at Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. Long beach walks and scenic hikes are my thing – it makes me calm and helps me regain perspective and realise just how fortunate I am. I celebrated my fiftieth birthday here and I have wonderful memories of my children getting out of the southern Australia winters and playing on the beach.

Four-mile beach runs from the base of Island Point south to the mouth of the Mowbray River. The northern end of the beach is effectively the end of Port Douglas’ main street and so it is easily accessed by the newer hotels and resorts in central Port Douglas as well as the resorts that front the beach itself.

At low tide this wonderful flat beach is 200 metres (219 yards) of soft, golden sand. During jellyfish “stinger” season there is a large stinger enclosure so that you can swim without worry. I challenge you to take a walk on four-mile beach in the early morning and not return feeling the world is a pretty wonderful place!

Monique Skidmore | Trip Anthropologist


Cape Tribulation

Located about an hour north of Cairns, Cape Tribulation is a beautiful beach located inside the Daintree National Park. It is known as the only place in Australia where the rainforest meets the reef. The beach is wide and beautiful and is often visited by travelers looking to get off the beaten path in Daintree National Park. Despite the undeniable beauty of the beach, Cape Tribulation has a major drawback – the waters near Cape Tribulation are filled with deadly jelly fish. Needless to say, swimming is not a common way to pass the time on this beautiful beach, in fact swimming without a stinger suit is prohibited.

Instead, most visitors enjoy walking around the beach, following a few trails to some nice lookouts and enjoying other activities in Cape Tribulation town. Zip lining, night walks, and wildlife discovery are the most popular with visitors. Cape Tribulation can be visited as a day trip from Cairns or Port Douglas and offers a different perspective on the beautiful Daintree National Park.

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