Looking for the best things to do in the New South Wales, Australia?

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Popular places to visit are Cave Beach New South Wales, one of the best beaches in New South Wales for exploring.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is a great place to spend a rainy afternoon.

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Blue Mountains National Park

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains National Park
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Exploring the beauty of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales is an experience you won’t forget. Spread across 4,000 square miles, this world-famous mountain range does indeed appear blue in colour due to the oils released by eucalyptus trees.

With over 250 kilometres of walking trails, there is something for all abilities in the Blue Mountains. Many of the trails are paved boardwalks with handrails making them ideal for travellers of all ages. There’s also a scenic cable car departing from Katoomba so those with limited mobility can experience this incredible location in New South Wales.

The Blue Mountains are best explored from Katoomba, a pleasant town at its heart. The local residents have battled with global chains to ensure there are no fast food outlets, only local restaurants. There are plenty of hotels, hostels and Airbnbs where you can relax after a day walking in the Blue Mountains, stopping at waterfalls and viewpoints.

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surfing in Yamba

Surfing in Yamba
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Australia is famous for its fantastic surf and beautiful beaches but even though there are plenty of places that are drawcards to surfers, a small surfing town on NSW’s North Coast is making waves in surfing circles.

Yamba in the Clarence Valley is fast becoming a popular beach escape as it’s an iconic place to surf. Why visit? To the south of Yamba, Angourie is a National Surfing Reserve and is home to what many surfers believe is the best right-hand point break in the country.

Best beaches for families are Turner’s Beach, Whiting Beach, which is a short walk from the shops, and Main Beach, which is located below the historic Pacific Hotel and has a surf club and ocean pool.

Besides surfing, other things to do in Yamba are hiking in the national park, swimming in the natural springs of Angourie’s blue and green pools. Fish off the rocks, from the beach or a kayak or book a deep-sea fishing expedition for a bucket list fishing experience. If you are looking for the next Noosa, enjoy Yamba before it becomes too crowded.