Looking for the best things to do in South Australia?

Then look no further!

Whether you plan to visit small outback country towns or cities in South Australia, there are plenty of options. Whatever you do, don’t forget to spend some time in Adelaide, the beautiful capital of South Australia.

Coober Pedy Underground Hotel

Coober Pedy Underground Hotel
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The underground world of Coober Pedy, an opal mining town in the middle of outback South Australia is one of Australia’s great unique experiences.

Because it gets so hot here, much of the town is located underground.  You can sleep underground, drink underground in a cosy bar and even visit underground churches – there’s three in town to choose from!

When you do come into the light there’s plenty of entertain you. Take a trip out of town to the Breakaways to see the picturesque remnants of Australia’s inland sea, now just a plain of towering rock monoliths in vibrant desert colours. Or check out quirky touches like crashed space ships, an intriguing graveyard and the amazing home of town legend Crocodile Harry. Lastly, don’t miss the chance to fossick for opal at one of the easy-to-access old mining sites around town – pick up a map at the Tourist Information Centre on Hutchinson Street. It really is a place where you never know what you find.

Helen Foster | Differentville